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Lead up to Raceday

With less than two weeks to go until the 2022 Melbourne marathon, we have been getting quite a lot of anxious questions as people reach the end of their hard blocks and head into the taper phase. So, how should the next two weeks play out until race day?

- Start by relaxing! You have done all the hard work over the last 10-12 weeks or more. You have done the long runs, the workouts and the weekly cycle of recovery.

- It is now about making sure you are on that start line. You are not going to get any fitter in the taper phase of your training block. You are also not going to run any faster from being tired and sore from over training. Listen to your coach, who has planned this from a place of experience.

- Get used to the idea of doing a lot less in race week to save up a few petrol tickets.

- Get used to the early get out of bed. For a lot of people, race day morning is quite a bit earlier than they may be used to. Try going to bed earlier for at least the last week. Being well rested is a massive advantage – a performance enhancer even!

- Have your race kit organised. Make a check list if you are a list person. Have it all laid out the night before the race so it is one less thing to stress about. This includes your in-race fuelling (gels and crampfix) and race bib etc. Don’t forget a warm top for before the race, something you wouldn’t mind not taking home with you! Alternatively, there is a warm clothes drop off service available if you want to pick it up at end of the day.

- Discuss and decide on your race plan. Super important that this framework of how your day should look like is in place. Chat to your coach or training buddies to work out a realistic plan and try to stick to it! This can be the difference between finishing strong and hitting your goal time, or blowing up and maybe not finishing.

- Make sure you have any niggles fully investigated and sorted in the next two weeks. Sooner the better to book an appointment with your PhysioLife physio if you have any concerns.

- Workout your race morning plan: What time are you getting up? What is for breakfast? How are you getting to the race? What time are you leaving? Where are you parking?

- Have a browse of the course map so there is nothing unexpected on the day in terms of turns or inclines.

We reached out to expert running coach Zacca Newman, Co-Founder of Run2PB online coaching for a few of his best insights for the taper phase.

“ The taper time can be a rollercoaster in terms of how you feel on some runs, try not to read too much into each run and how you feel, but rather focus on reflecting with your coach over the block, taking time to look at some of the big workouts and challenges you have overcome, that can give you so much confidence to draw from on the day, its also an important time to reflect and thank those around you that have helped you along the way, such as the support of your family and friends”

“Getting to the start line is a massive achievement and being in a position to chase that debut marathon or a P.B is something you should be proud of and above all enjoy the day, smile to volunteers and embrace the race day atmosphere”

- Run2PB Coach and Co-Founder, Zacca Newman.

A lot of you will be getting very nervous. This is good, it means you care. Rest assured if you have done the work, you just have to control what you can, give it your best on race day and enjoy the experience!

By James Telford
Physio + marathoner now in taper phase!

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