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Swim Screenings

Screening protocols are used in a number of sports to identify athlete specific characteristics or weaknesses, that may predispose the athlete to injury or be contributing to sub-maximal performance outcomes. These are often completed during preseason, to highlight changes that may be made to the athlete’s training or gym programs leading into the upcoming season.

Swimming is a sport demanding high degrees of mobility, particularly through the upper back and shoulders, in conjunction with stability through the shoulders and core in these high ranges of movement. Through screening, areas lacking these mobility or stability requirements can be identified, with recommendations provided to address these in order to optimise the athlete’s performance in the water.

Our swim screenings are completed over a 45-minute in-clinic assessment with our physiotherapist Ebru, with options to arrange club-based assessments for squads as a group. The athlete’s current level, training load and pre-existing injury history are considered in the screening process and recommendations provided. Where preferred, recommendations can be communicated to your coach to allow these to be easier integrated into the swimmer’s dryland program and current training routines.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a screening, please contact us

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