What exactly is a Bike Fit?

A bike fit involves the adjustment of various components on a bicycle to modify the sizing, in order to better suit your individual body. While having the correct size frame is a good start, ensuring that the points of contact on the bike (saddle, handlebars, and pedals) are positioned correctly is an important factor to consider for both comfort and performance. As all people come in different shapes and sizes with different limb lengths, and differing levels of flexibility, not everyone will require the exact same set-up that the bike comes configured with out from the shop floor. 

If you would like a more in-depth explanation of some of the potential changes during a bike fit, you can read our blog post on bike fitting

Why choose PhysioLife?

Having a bike fit performed by a Physiotherapist is generally advantageous over having one done at bike shop, due to the fact that Physiotherapists have an in-depth understanding of the body and the associated stresses/forces involved with loading. At PhysioLife, a standard bike fitting session includes a combination of a regular physio appointment, as well as the actual bike-related adjustments. This allows for the consideration of any current injuries, niggles, or physical limitations when performing the bike fit to ensure that the best outcome is achieved for every individual. 

Bike fits are performed by one of our Physiotherapists, Oskar, who has an extensive background in all things bike related. He is extremely passionate about cycling, and has been riding/racing mountain bikes for almost 14 years now. Oskar was also a professional bike mechanic for 4 years before finishing his studies and transitioning to Physiotherapy full time, so you can be assured that your bike is in safe hands. Oskar can fit a variety of bikes whether they be road, gravel, cyclocross, or mountain bikes. 

What’s involved in a Bike Fit session?

A bike fitting session will generally consist of:

  • A discussion around any current issues/injuries which may be impacting you on the bike
  • A physical assessment of any current issues, and general cycling-related mobility
  • Assessment/adjustment of the saddle height, fore/aft position, and angle
  • Assessment/adjustment of the handlebar height and angle, brake levers, and stem length
  • Assessment/adjustment of your cleat position in your shoes (if you ride with cleats)
  • Exercise prescription to help combat any existing injuries or aches

  • Oskar can also assist with suspension set up on both hardtail and dual suspension mountain bikes.

All you need to bring to a bike fitting session is yourself, your washed, clean bike, and the attire you'd normally wear to ride.

Booking details

A standard 2 hour bike fitting session costs $300. Out of that $300, you can claim up to a maximum of $120 on your private health insurance (depending on your level of cover).

Bike fits can be booked by contacting Oskar via text directly on 0410 013 079, or via email at oskar.catoggio@physiolife.physio

If you have any questions regarding bike fitting, or anything else cycling-related such as injury or performance, please feel free to get in touch via email to oskar.catoggio@physiolife.physio  

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