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Staying Active During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Staying active and fit is difficult at the best of times. But add the self-isolation rules associated with the current Corona Virus pandemic then keeping physically active becomes even more problematic. Self-Isolation has meant fewer opportunities for physical activity, with individuals spending the vast majority of their time at home. Gyms have closed. Incidental exercise falls away. Physical activity routines are broken.

However, self-isolation does not mean we have a free pass to slip into a passive sedentary lifestyle. In fact, during social isolation exercise becomes more important to deal with stressors, boost your immune system and reduce the chances of chronic disease in the future.

   Tips For Staying Physically Active

     Trial Bodyweight Exercises

   Most bodyweight exercises can be completed indoors within a confined space (think burpees, air squats and push-ups). There are almost unlimited set and rep regimes to try so there is no shortage of workouts available!   

Increase time to walk the dog/play with the those with whom you are isolated

One of the few silver linings of the current COVID-19 situation is the ability to spend time with pets and family members who are also in isolation with you. Use these opportunities to participate in physical activity together (whilst adhering to social distancing of course).

Fall in love with running

If you are not a runner, start small and build. 100m jog and 100m walk for 10 minutes is a good way to start! Make sure you have a day in between runs to let your body adapt.

Find your online fitness inspiration

We now live in an age of unprecedented (yes, we said it again) access to information through the internet, so individual access to fitness inspiration almost unlimited. Social media platforms are treasure troves of exercise material. YouTube, Facebook and Instagram all have fitness personalities willing to run you through a virtual workout for free. It may just take some time to find the trainer that speaks to you!

(Incidentally, PhysioLife is now uploading home-based routines onto both Instagram and YouTube. You can access our YouTube Channel here).

Change positions regularly

We recommend that you change positions every 20 minutes, this will help you maintain energy levels throughout the day and avoid postural injuries. If you are working from home, having multiple workstations is helpful.

Seek help when you need it

More of a general health concept, but it is generally acknowledged that individual's mental health will be challenged during isolation. Reach out to relevant medical practitioners if you're feeling especially down or stressed.


Try to continue to stay abreast of the recommendations from relevant authorities such as the World Health Organisation or the state and federal governments. Not only will this information guide your workout habits, but it will also keep you informed about the general progression of the virus to hopefully relieve some stress!

If you have any questions about home work outs or how to keep active please contact us or book online for an appointment


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