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Diary of the work experience kid

Work Experience Week

By Nicholas Pappas

The day came to make the big decision on what to do on the week of work experience, many things came to mind, but I thought to myself what the most interesting and helpful option would be. Then I thought of physiotherapy at PhysioLife.

Physiotherapy has always been something that interests me and when I had the opportunity to email James at PhysioLife I didn’t think twice. I wasn’t sure what was ahead for me at work experience but I was ready to take on anything.

As the day came of work experience I was both nervous and excited but was willing to learn new things. When I first thought of work experience I thought of paperwork and filing but there was nothing at all like that and I was happy it was more hands on and more watching from my end. During work experience I saw many patients come through, who were more than happy to let me observe what James and the other physios do daily. This helped me a lot with understanding physio properly and the hard work they must go through to be great at their job. The main techniques I saw while observing the physios was hands on treatment of the injured area, a set of exercises that needed to be done set as rehab and using dry needles to release the tightness and help the injured area properly.

I learnt about the basics of running a business which in this case they showed me a lot of the promotion work through social media @Physiolifeheidelberg @Physiolifeaustralia which helped a lot of understanding about running a business and one of the main resources to expand your business. This has helped me in many ways as I now know the essentials to start and expand a business through social media. Another thing I learnt on this experience is the basics around a business in regards to things like using a website, sitting at the front office introducing myself to patients and having your basic knowledge of being a physio either it be basic knowledge about the body to note taking on what’s happened to a patient.

Something I found very interesting throughout the whole experience is that most patients either had knee issues, back issues or shoulder issues it varied between the three and I rarely so a different injury. Another thing I found very interesting is how you create relationships along the way with your patients which also helps with your business and friendships. It is the best of both worlds.

Overall being a physio is not as easy as you think and you need to love what you do and put in those extra yards to succeed like the physio team has done and showed me. I would definitely recommend doing work experience at PhysioLife as it is intriguing and one to look forward to.

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